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The Hunter's Guide
All hunting packages are complete except for your personal gear, rifle, sleeping bag etc. You pay for your licenses and tags in June of the year you hunt. We will have these for you when you arrive into camp.
We require a deposit to hold a hunt date for you. After receiving a deposit for a hunt we stop offering the hunt you have booked. If you decide to cancel your hunt your deposit is non-refundable unless prior arrangements have been made.
Special Requirements
With using the horses to get into the many areas we hunt, we can take hunters who may have physical limitations or disabilities on any of the trips we offer, and have had great success in doing so. We do need to know your condition before your hunt. If you have a heart problem, knee problems or need a special diet for medical reasons only, please let us know so we can plan your hunt to better suit you and your needs.
Trophy Care

When you harvest a game animal, your guide will take care of the fleshing, caping and salting of all capes, horns or antlers. Hunters will be able to take their trophies with them, or they can be shipped to you at the end of the season. We will ship your trophies home to you by air or truck. All trophies are shipped to you C.O.D.

Some of the meat from the Moose and Sheep is consumed by the hunters and guides during the hunt. We will usually keep enough for a couple nights and take the rest to the base camp to be wrapped and frozen. The meat is usually taken out by float plane to the highway camp and from there we transport it into Whitehorse by vehicle. You are more than welcome to take meat home with you. The meat that is left behind often feeds many families in and around Whitehorse.


On any of the hunts that you book with us you can use rifle, archery or muzzle loader.

When trying to choose a rifle for your hunt, I would suggest the rifle you are most comfortable with. A well placed shot with any caliber will kill the largest of game animals.

As of January 1st, 2001 you will need to fill out a form to bring your firearm into Canada. The form is called a NON-RESIDENT FIREARM DECLARATION. We will send this form to you and you fill out the one page and hand it in to customs at the Canadian Border. The fee is $50.00 Canadian. If you plan on hunting in Canada several times you can take a firearms course and get a FAC, or Firearms Acquisition Certificate. The FAC is good for 5 years and costs approximately $60.00 Canadian.

A wounded animal can be considered a harvested one, and every effort will be made to find that animal.

Arrival into Whitehorse

Your arrival in Whitehorse, Yukon can be arranged through your travel agency. We have daily flights into Whitehorse from Vancouver, British Columbia. Upon arrival in Whitehorse, our expeditor will meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel and to the float plane dock. Hotel rooms are about $160.00 USD per night.

We request all hunters to arrive at least the day before your hunt is scheduled to begin. Plan to schedule your flight home the day after your hunt. On our Sheep hunts, most hunters will fly into our Base Camp by float plane. These flights are booked a year in advance so hunters can arrive early on their hunt date. Should a hunter require alternative transportation to that scheduled, the hunter will incur all costs.

For those hunters that enjoy a bit of fishing, we have two fully equipped boats, so bring along a small compact rod and reel with some barbless hooks. All the fishing is at our Sheep Base Camp. You can expect to catch Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling. All fishing is included in our hunt packages.

Click Here for a detailed list of Clothing and Personal Gear required for a hunt.


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