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History of Dickson Outfitters Ltd.
Photographs taken by Dickson family members, previous hunting clients, US Army people building the Alcan Highway and gold miners.
Brief history of Thomas Dickson:
Thomas Dickson came to the Yukon in 1898 as a member of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) and was stationed at Tagish Lake. He left NWMP after six years of servie in 1900 and married Louise, a Tagish First Nation woman. Louise's uncle, Skookum Jim Mason, employed Dickson as a bodyguard and to protect his gold. Dickson also ran a fish camp on Tagish Lake with his thirteen children. He became renowned as one of the first big game guides in the Yukon. In 1916, he was the Game Warden of Kluane Lake and had his homestead on Dickson Creek, which named for him. In 1949 he retired due to ill health. Thomas Dickson died in Whitehorse in 1952.

This picture was taken in the late 1930's or early 40's. Probably at the end of a season in town. Tom Dickson. Former RCMP. First Outfitter in the Yukon. Standing beside the antlers and sheephorns.

Picture taken around 1910. Tom Dickson with a bear.

Early picture (1900's) of Tom Dickson in his young days standing with a set of caribou antlers.

Tom Dickson's hunting party with pack train of horses crossing over glacier area. Tom is leading the pack.

Tom Dickson in the 1920's with sets of sheep horns after successful hunts.

Famous Alcan Highway - Trucks going over the bridge. Moose head and antlers from Koidern River Bridge, 1942. Dickson base camp close to this area.

Buck Dickson standing on the left, was one very successful trapper. A man who could trap this much fur was well off in the 1920's and the 1930's. Picture taken in the late 40's.

Mr. Buck Dickson, who lived in Burwash much of his life, married a Carcross girl whose parents kept this photograph.  He is remembered as one of the most successful hunters and trappers in the Yukon.  This photo was probably taken in the 1930’s

Tom Dickson receives a helping hand from his client on a hunting expedition while crossing over the Kluane glacier icefields (1905-1915).

Tom Dickson (sitting left) posing for this picture outside a cabin with his hunting party. Picture taken by a gold miner during the Chisana Gold Strike between 1900-1920

Dogs and sleds were used by most trappers in the 1930’s &1940’s.  Buck Dickson stands on the left in this photo.

Tom Dickson in his earlier days on a sheep hunt. (1900-1920)


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