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Dall Sheep

For those hunters wanting to hunt the prettiest of the North American Wild Sheep, we offer several trips for them.

We usually take the larger Rams each season on our first hunt in August.

Our average horn length on Rams taken from year to year is 35 to 37 inches.

The larger Rams taken in our area have had horn lengths of 38 to 42 inches.

We hunt the Sheep in the Nutzotin Mountains, overlooking the magnificent St. Elias Range, with elevations up to 19,800 feet. We hunt on mountains with a maximum elevation of 7,200 feet. The two-hour flight into our Sheep base camp takes you over the scenic Kluane National Park.

On all the Sheep hunts we use horses to move from the base camp to the many spike camps and to hunt. When you have moved to your spike camp you will ride the horses up the many drainage's until the terrain becomes to steep. You will then picket the horses and go on foot from there. After hunting for the day you will then return to the horses and ride them back to the spike camp.

The average shot at a Ram is 150 yards, but is a good idea to be prepared for shots up to 350 yards.

On any of our Fall Sheep hunts, all hunters can fish when they are at the base camp. We have many fishing rods available at camp, so you can leave yours at home.

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