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Grizzly Bear

The Mountain Grizzly or Interior Grizzly is found throughout our hunting area and is truly the most magnificent animal you will ever harvest.

If your main interest is for a Grizzly I would suggest the hunts in the Spring, the time they are in their rut and the big Boars are moving around looking for a mate.

We also offer hunts for the Grizzly on our Fall hunts from the 15th of August on.

We have taken several large Grizzly over the years. In 1996 and 1997, we harvested bears that won the 1st place awards for the largest taken in the Yukon. Both bears squared over 8 feet.

The Grizzly taken in our area have averaged 7.5 feet with the larger bears squaring to 8.8 feet. They range in color from a light straw to a dark brown. The darker bears usually have the symbolic silver tipped hump.

On the Spring hunts a hunter may also harvest a Black Bear. They range in color from Black to a light cinnamon color. The Black Bear taken in our area have averaged 6 feet. The larger black bears have squared to 7 feet.

When hunting in the Spring or Fall for the Grizzly you can expect shots from 50 to 250 yards. I suggest using a 7mm, .30-06, .300, .338 or a .375 for a Grizzly but, always remember to hunt with a rifle you are comfortable with while shooting.

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