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Alaska / Yukon Moose

We hunt the Alaska/Yukon Bull Moose, the largest antlered animal in the world. A large Bull Moose will stand over 7 feet at the shoulder and weigh more than 1800 pounds. We have taken bulls with antler spreads over 70 inches. The Moose taken in our area average between 55 and 65 inches from year to year.

The larger Moose in our area are usually taken on our 5th and 6th hunts and have had antler spreads up to 71 inches.

Transportation to and from our Moose camps is usually by airplane - a 2 1/2 hour flight from Whitehorse. On the Moose hunts we will travel by horse or riverboat.

Most recently, we have opened the northern part of our concession to moose hunts. We expect to be taking some record bulls from this area in the coming seasons.

Most of our moose hunts are offered during the time the Bulls are in full rut and the Bulls can be called to within a few yards of you. Taking a Bull during the rut and being able to call him in may be the most memorable hunt you will ever be on.

This is also a very popular time for the archery hunters.

Rifle caliber's popular on these hunts are .270, 7mm, .30-06, .300 and .338. I would suggest using the rifle with which you are most comfortable. A well-placed shot will kill the largest of game animals.

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