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Lodging and Facilities

Base Camps and Spike Camps
We use three main Base Camps for our hunting in the spring and fall. These camps are located at key areas in our concession. These well-built camps provide everyone with warmth, comfort, and relaxation. Base camps are always a welcoming place to start and end a trip. Depending on what camp you will be arriving at, a couple of the base camps are accessible only by air or horseback. In addition, one of our camps is accessible by vehicle too.

All the base camps have cozy, clean cabins for the hunters and guides. Cabins are equipped with real mattresses and bed frames for a good night sleep. The base camps also have seperate comfortable cookhouses to come and enjoy our country cooking which may include fresh fish, wild game meat, and fresh produce and baking to compliment the comforts of our camp. Take time to relax and put your feet up and listen to a good adventure story or sit outside and take in the pristine scenery that surrounds you. Also, we have very functional shower houses / wash stations with instant hot water, large shower stalls, towels, soap and shampoo to rejuvenate you during your trip. As well, we have generators for plugging in the freezers and can be used for charging batteries. Please keep in mind we usually vitalize the base camps at the beginning and the end of your hunt.

Meat sheds with freezers and a basic cutting area are available at the base camps. If a hunter would like to process some of their game harvested, they are more than welcome to help out with what they want to take home. We have wrapping paper and freezer bags available for the meat at these camps. Paper work will be completed in Whitehorse to export meat of the territory.

Accommodations vary when you travel to spike camps. At our spike camps you will either stay in a small cabin or set up a wall tent. The wall tents are equipped with wood stoves to keep you warm and dry. The cabins are will eqipped to make your stay comfortable. During a trip you may experience the opportunity of moving by horseback to different spike camps. All these camps are well situated to take advantage of what the area has to offer.

In addition to other ammenities whether you are at a base camp, on the trail or at a spike camp, each guide is equipped with a satellite phone for emergency purposes only. These phones are turned on if there is an emergencey or to contact our office. If clients require communications we recommend renting the Iridium system with a waterproof compact durable case. (Do not use or rent the Globalstar satellite system as it does not work in our area).

We are sure you will find our accommodations and lodging very comfortable. We recognize how important this is to clients in this day and age and we want to meet your needs while you enjoy your trip with us. It has taken us many years to develop our remote camps as everything you see at the sites whether it be a base camp or spike camp has been hauled in by horse, snow machine, plane or boat a little at a time. We take a lot of pride in our camps and hope that the extras we have provided will make your stay and experience a memorable one.

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