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A message from Dave Dickson

The area we hunt (shown in red) is 230 miles northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon, bordering on the Kluane Game Sanctuary to the South and Alaska to the West.

The concession is approximately 5500 square miles of wilderness, with the majority of the area being accessible by horseback or foot only. To give you a better idea how big the area is, it is about 100 miles by 55 miles or 3.5 million acres of land that we alone can take non-resident hunters.

The Yukon is about 207,000 square miles, with a population of only 30,000 people. There are several small communities throughout the Yukon, mainly scattered along the Alaska Highway, while the majority of Yukoners live in and around the capital of Whitehorse. With very few people in this vast wilderness, you have where ever you are hunting to yourself.

Thomas Dickson came to the Yukon in 1898 as a member of the North West mounted Police (NWMP) and was stationed at Tagish Lake, Yukon. After twelve years of service he left the NWMP and moved to the Kluane Lake Area with his wife Louis George, a Tlingit first nation women from Haines, Alaska. Skookum Jim, one of the founders of the most frenzied and fabled gold rushes in history, the Klondike Gold Rush, hired Thomas as a bodyguard and to protect his gold. Thomas Dickson became renowned as one of the first big game guides and started taking out hunters on 60 day pack trips in 1902. Thomas and his wife Louis raised their 13 children at the north end of Kluane Lake. In 1949 he retired due to ill health and died in Whitehorse in 1952. Dickson History

Embarking from Whitehorse, the trip consisted of a train of horse drawn wagons that would head Northwest to Kluane Lake, site of the Dickson family homestead. All the wagons would be left at Kluane Lake and Tom would then lead the hunting parties further by horse into the regions surrounding the Donjek, White and Generc rivers.

Of the 13 children born to Tom and Louise Dickson, most were born at the homestead on Kluane Lake. Five Dickson children later owned and operated outfitting concessions of their own throughout the Yukon Territory, Pete Jaquot owned concessions 11 & 12, Sue (Van Bibber) had concession #16, Bobby (Austin) Dickson had concessions #2, #3, and #4 while Belle (Desrosiers) owned concession #14 and #15.

Buck Dickson, the oldest son born to Tom and Louise, bought his father’s hunting territory in the early 1940’s. Like the entire family, Buck learned to hunt, trap and fish from the time he was old enough to walk.

When the Alaska Highway was built in 1942, Buck was able to drive his hunters to the Base Camp on the Alaska Highway, the camp we still use today. From here, Buck would guide trips that averaged 30 days in length.

When it became necessary to form registered outfitting areas in the Yukon, Buck's area becamDave Dicksone concession #10. In 1959, my father, Richard Dickson bought the area from his brother Buck. Richard built one of the most respectable outfits in the Yukon, which has been carried on by the rest of the family. But why adventure with Dickson Outfitters? Click Here to find out.

Dad kept many members of the Dickson family working with him over the years. I learned the many bush skills I know today from my Dad, uncles and cousins who all helped guide in the same area.

Dad successfully owned and operated the business for thirty years, selling it to me in 1989. We continue to operate the area using the same principles as my Dad, Uncle and Grandfather.

We take on average 20 hunters per year, thereby ensuring successful hunts for our hunters today and in the years to come. I began guiding for Dad just after I turned 17 and like my family before me, I still work as a guide full time during the hunting season.

Teah DicksonWe are fortunate with another generation of Dickson's that is being raised in the outfitting industry. My wife, Teena and children, Teah and Thomas work hard ensuring the outfit is running smoothly year round. They are keen to provide a helping hand whenever needed. Many of you will probably chat with Teena about hunt details or sample some of her fine country cooking, while others will be fortunate to have our daughter wrangling, helping out and learning to guide along side her dad during hunting season. Our little guy is chomping at the bit to be the nextThomas Dickson one on the mountains. Right now he is busy learning the horses, heading out on the trapline, building, and whatever else he gets his little hands into while asking us many questions.

We are confident with how our children are being raised as we are doing our best to provide them with the tools they need to survive in both worlds. Every day our children's appreciation grows for the outdoors. They are with us on real adventures learning about the natural resources in their big backyard as well, recognizing the benefits of healthy living that goes alongside with guiding and outfitting. One day they will be talking over the reins with Dickson Outfitters and we are confident that they will do a great job! Click here for Dickson Family Adventure PhotosDickon Family

I hope we have a chance to share with you the long tradition of the Dickson family and help you experience your "Hunt of a Lifetime."

Yours Truly,

Dave Dickson and Family

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