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Clothing / Personal Gear

2 pairs of boots (one being a good climbing leather boot, i.e. Cabela's Meindel Canada Hunting Boot). On the later hunts, make one pair a heavier lace-up boot with a removable liner for warmth, i.e. Schnee's.

Break in your boots before your hunt and treat with good quality water repellent and bring extra repellent to re-treat during hunt, i.e. Snow Seal
1 Pair of light camp shoes
1 light hat, 1 with good ear coverage or flaps for Sept / Oct hunts
1 pair of medium / heavy wool pants for Sept / Oct hunts
1 pair of mitts for Sept / Oct hunts - liners that come out to quick dry
Small / medium internal frame backpack - no external frames, too bulky on horses
Lightweight Down Mummy or barrel bag, good to -10 degrees celcius - Compression pack bags are great to stuff bag to smaller size
Lightweight binoculars (A MUST)
Ammunition (2 boxes of 20) - In original cases for custom purposes
1 light down jacket - for earlier hunts
1 lighter fleece or wool sweater
1 heavier down jacket for Sept / Oct hunts
2 pairs of jeans
2 cotton / flannel / denim shirts
2 t-shirts or long sleeve poly undershirts
6 pairs of wool socks, 6 pairs of light cotton socks
2 pairs of long johns - 1 light poly and 1 medium weight
Small bottle of insect repellent
Smaller size knife
Small water bottle
Belt carrier for cartridges
Soft lightweight gun case / sock optional - Hard travel cases do not go on float plane, they will stay in town with expeditor
Small first aid kit
1 good quality lightweight rain coat and pants that can fit over layers of clothes, gortex lined recommended
1 pair of quiet material water resistant / waterproof boot gaitors zipper only (optional) - helps keep the mud, snow, rain out of boots / pant cuffs while hiking / riding
1 pair light leather gloves for riding
1 toothbrush, toothpaste, small hand towel, face cloth, shaving, etc. We supply bath towels, shampoo, and soap at base camps
One small pack of wipes are handy for personal hygiene purposes
2 smaller to medium size duffle bags - no suitcases please
Digital camera with waterproof compact case
Small compact headlamp i.e. Petzel, Tikka or Zipka or flashlight (A MUST) with extra batteries
A couple personal use fishing lures for trout, pike, grayling
Keep the total weight of your gear to 70 pounds, we can help you lighten your load, please ask!
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