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"This year was my fourth trip with your outfit in a row and my first Dall Sheep hunt. It was a great adventure hunting in the beautiful mountains of the Yukon that you are so lucky to call home and harvesting a great ram is something I will never forget. See you guys next October for another trophy moose hunt. Thanks again." - F. Dodge
"Thank you for everything. It has been a trip and an unforgettable experience. Very nice hunting truly, and very nice food, thank you for this time with the Dickson Family. I hope to come back." - S. Morales and E. Huete
"Everything Vic Lakusta said it would be. Great hunting, horses and guides. Thanks!" - C. Good
"Great hunt! Very close a couple of times, with a bow everything has to come together or becomes a close call. Thanks for all the good cooking and hard work. I will be back to try again." - A. Flod
"Thanks for the great hunt. Lots of game and spectacular country!" - M. Murphy
"Beautiful country. Rod is amazing. Horses are strongest I have ever seen!" - C. Coster
"Many thanks for the wonderful week." - E. LaRoche
"Another great week of hunting, excellent food and company. Good calling of moose as well. Enjoyed being able to watch and experience another part of God's creation. Thank for the trip!" - B. Brown
"A quick note to say how much I enjoyed the hunt. Words can't express it enough. I am so blessed to have been able to see and experience the Yukon Territory in ways very few people ever get to do - I saw scenery that I will never forget and the pictures cannot begin to show the reality of seeing with one's own eyes. Thank you!" - M. Johnston
"Had a great time! Split all the wood, saddled horses and washed all the dishes, while Dave lay up in bed...ha! Very good hunt, killed a great bull and will come back!" - D. Nosker
"Call me anytime you want to hunt!" - J. Brownlee
"Had a great time and adventure, Rod is an excellent guide. Would love to come back, do it again and get an even bigger bull!" - G. Buck


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